About us 

Company duplo više (twice as much - 2x) was founded in 2008 by Krešimir Žanetić and Dominik Glučina, photographer and graphic designer.

Both enthusiasts and recognized experts in their fields, joint strengths, knowledge and experience to develope innovative ideas and products, which are recognized and well positioned in the market

Since 2008, x2 has had a steady growth of number of employees, starting from 3 employees, to 15 at this moment. We encourage creativity and innovation among our team members, as well as invest in education, equipment and know how.

In addition to Croatia, the quality of our work has been well recognized and trusted by many institutions and companies abroad, such as Slovenian, Bulgarian, Bosnian, etc.


Our Services

Promo Lighters (wraparound labeling) - Today, x2 holds 21% of Croatian market with the products of cigarette lighters, designed to present more than 70 motives of Croatian tourism destinations, as well as 4 national football clubs and Croatian National Football Association (HNS). By doing so, x2 covers tourism, as well as sport related target market.

Kick trick

Flexible packaging / Mini pack
Taman peanuts - mini beer snack
Topping mini pack
Sticker & Sweet

Photo and Design
Desktop publishing / books & magazines
Advertising / Photo & Video / Print