Peanut Packaging Snack bags

What is TAMAN peanut snack bag?

"TAMAN" (in Croatian - just about enough) is a mini snack bag which contains a peeled and salted peanuts in a flexible packaging bag. It's concieved as a giveaway snack, to be served in pubs and bars with a large beer as a promotional snack, or as a motivation.

What are the Benefits?

Due to its convenient size, low cost, and positive reactions of the audience, "TAMAN" peanuts pack is a great way to advertise your brand. It is also a more hygienic way of serving snack in a pub/bar compared to peeled peanuts in bowl, as TAMAN is mechanically sealed packaging.

Can it have my company logo?

Off course it can. All we need is your company logo and our design team will make it happen.

How it's delivered?

TAMAN is delivered  in appropriate flexible silver bag, which contains 50 taman mini packs. Each TAMAN mini pack weighs 10gr, so the delivery package weighs cca 500gr.


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